About Us

Rusty and I have been dreaming of sailing away to tropical places for the last 4-5 years.  During that time we’ve been working on our plan and increasing our nautical knowledge.  When Rusty isn’t reading or thinking about sailing stuff, he’s usually working.  He’s a BIM manager at an architectural and engineering firm in Portland.  He’ll be retiring in another three years – and we’ll set sail for where the winds and whims take us.  Rusty has to work to finance this whole project so he is only able to take a little vacation here and there to spend some short legs with us.  He’s intending to start out in the Bahamas for a few weeks at the beginning and then he’ll meet up with us in Hawaii for our last leg home, to Portland.

I (Taunya) have been studying Biology and Psychology at Portland State University and am hoping to start a masters program once our boat is home.  I gained a lot of nautical training when I attended Sea Semester for a term abroad, where I was lucky enough to work with very skilled people who taught me how to box the compass and read a sextant, as well as understand AIS and radar.  I know I have a lot to learn and I’m hoping that the next 8 months will mold me into a sailor ready to tackle big challenges.  I will be with the ship from September until – well forever I guess.

Annika is 16 and ready to explore the Caribbean.  Last year she worked really hard to get her scuba certification and together we plan to explore many of the reefs in these exotic places we’ll be exploring.  Annika is extremely responsible and reliable and yet somehow manages to be a lazy teen who leans on others to get out of chores.  I’m excited to see how this adventure will help her grow her independence and self confidence.

Fiona is my littlest and at 9 years of age – to my mind it’s the perfect time to make a great impression on her life.  I’m so glad I get to share this with her, I believe it will be an immense adventure that will also help her grow her self confidence and gain a greater appreciation for what she is capable of.  Fiona and Annika will be with us for the first 2/3rds of the trip – from Florida to Hawaii.

Linnea is my middle.  She’s going to be home most of the year with Rusty and other family with her Father.  She loves her school and was a little reluctant about vaccinations – so she’s just coming with us for the last part.  I hope that she enjoys the trip, and I’m sad I’m not able to bring her for the whole adventure – but maybe a little independence and being an only child at home will also be an eye opener for her as well.

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