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Advantage 43 Profile

Our boat is a ShuttleWorth Advantage Catamaran designed by John Shuttleworth.  She was built in 1990 by Sunseeker Yachts, a major South African builder of mostly big luxury power yachts.  Shuttleworth is a highly-respected designer who is considered a leading expert on seaworthiness, stability and safety. He designed the boat to be safe and stable as well as to have excellent performance and roomy accommodation. Part of its stability and stems from the hull profile, which is slim at the waterline then flares out. When in rough seas or surfing down a wave, the increase in buoyancy of the flare lifts the hull and prevents digging into the next wave. It also has a single daggerboard for better performance. It is designed to pop up if it hits anything as will the kick-up rudders, and with both up, it only draws 2’-7”.

Advantage-43-studyThe prior owners bought her in 2000 and did a complete. The wife was a realtor, interior designer and amateur chef, and her husband was a mechanical designer and VP at Herman Miller, so they did a well thought out and beautiful job. For example, the teak salon table converts from a foot bolster/bench seat to a coffee table, to a small dining table, to a large dining table.  With his mechanical engineering background, they have also done a great job of maintaining the boat, and being snowbirds, they only used it in the winter months.

She has four cabins, two aft and two forward.  The aft cabins have a double bed up high on the side and a small area that could be used as an additional berth above the engines.  The forward bunks are V-berths with a double sized foot and queen/king sized shoulders.  There is a head (toilet/sink) in each hull and a large shower on the port side.  The starboard side features a roomy galley with double sink and three burner stove.  While we do have a microwave, currently there is no oven.  In between the two hulls, riding high on our bridgedeck is the salon.  It features a large blue faux leather sofa with the previously mentioned clever salon table.  There are lots of windows to admire the view and an ice maker as well as a mini bar. There’s a large nav station with a decent sized chart table that I imagine will get a lot of use during passages.20150228_101718

We’re very excited to acquire her and will be adding our own equipment and touches.  We are updating a lot of the safety gear, including a new life raft and an AIS transceiver.  And we’re going to create a dodger (windshield for you non-sailors) that will make for a much drier cockpit during downpours and when sailing in rough weather.  She’s pretty wide at 28′ while being reasonably long at 44′.  We have a very tall mast and an interesting rigging system that incorporates double diamonds and running backstays that allow us to let our sail our sail out wide when we get a nice wind from behind.

We feel her new name, “On the Bright Side” will fit her well.

3 thoughts on “About the Boat

  1. Good Morning to all aboard:

    I was messing around on the internet this morning and decided to Google search SV On The Bright Side…I’ll be damned, quite a neat adventure you are on. My family and I have been staying in the house roughly 11 deg N of your current anchorage (4 kayaks on a rack). We are leaving today to head back to Northern Michigan, but had a great time on our first visit to TCI. We will be following your progress…. Fair winds and following seas!

    Kurt Schuler
    Traverse City Michigan


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