— About our Volunteer Crew

Jay Safro comes to us from New Mexico where he’s been running his own upholstery company for years.  One of the deals he accepted included a sail boat that he wasn’t sure what to do with.  He began working on the boat, doing a complete remodel and rebuilding the engine (which is almost the same as the engines we have).  He began learning how to use his boat in the complex waters of the Rio Grande Resevoir of Elephant Butte.  Jay became passionate about sailing and spent all his free time on the water.  When the winds picked up and a storm started to blow, he’d be the only one out there crazy enough to enjoy the fury of the wind and waves around him.  He plans to take his boat out onto the open ocean after retirement.  In preparation for that, he’s going to travel with us through the Caribbean and gain some blue water experience to make him that much more suited to being a solo sailor.

Laura Davis has been managing property in Hawaii, but she is leaving her position to join up with us at the beginning of December.  Laura is all about blue ocean sailing and like me, she loves the waves.  She has spent time commercial fishing up in Alaska, so she probably knows more about big ocean than any of us.  She also did deliveries and cruised for an extensive period of time with her family.  It’s been a while since she’s been able to go on a trip like this and she’s excited to join our adventure.  We’re looking forward to her arrival.

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