What’s been happening?

rusty-and-taunyaTime passes and plans change.  SV On the Bright Side will be located in the Cayman Islands for the next few years, while she works off some of the debt she’s incurred in repairs and breakdowns.  She’s going to be working doing chartered day-sails with some friends who have been running a successful business there for some time.

For me, I had enough when we had to turn back to Jamaica.  It was an amazing trip, but it helped me to realize that I had left my best crew at home.  I don’t want to cruise without my partner and husband, Rusty. Being apart for so long made it clear to me that there is no other I want to be with.  We were married this last December and are finishing up business in Portland for the next few years.

We are hopeful that under the wonderful care and business acumen of our partners, the boat will flourish and produce enough income to repay the loans we’ve had to take out to pay for her problems.  And ultimately, we hope to continue our cruising dream, together, in about 4 years time.

While we wait, I’ve just started a graduate program to get my master’s in counseling and Rusty is completing his last few years before retirement.  Annika is planning to start community college this fall, and the little girls are just getting bigger and bigger.  We all miss the boat, but we’re glad this option happened our way.  The finances had pushed us toward having to sell her with no way to recuperate our losses.  This opportunity makes sense and potentially gives us the chance to visit Cuba on holiday in the next year or two.

Thank you for following our adventures… they’re not over just transitioning into a different direction for the time being.

4 thoughts on “What’s been happening?

  1. I have loved reading about your adventure and I will miss the updates. Bravo to you and your family for jumping at the chance to take such an adventure!! Best wishes to you as you start a new journey!


  2. Hi to both of you:

    Thank you for writing so personally, honestly

    and with inspiration for others to live more outside

    the “trance.” You write really clearly and


    Yay for you both and the “children.” They get to

    be themselves too.

    Boye and I are continuing to be in Burbank (Los Angeles) as

    he continues his animation, story boarding and “Just being

    himself” training. This is his third year at the Animation Guild,

    a union guild for all animators in the country. His instructors

    are former and present Disney, Pixar people. …..all committed

    to be of service to others. The students are aged 20 to 70 and

    all different colors, genders and ages. It is all about relationship.

    I get to be here too, as we stay with a family in Topanga.

    Love you,




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