Guest Post (Fiona) Isla de Mona

The pretty blue water was amazing, that’s why blue is now my favorite color.  When we got to Puerto rico we found a lovely island, called Isla Mona.  The trees are beautiful!  The colors of the trees and the trunks,

20151211_100208.jpgI love the island so much that I don’t  think anyone could appreciate it as much as I do.  There are cacti, beautiful white sand beaches, and the mountain was so strikingly tall.  The water was pretty too.  It had spontaneous corals everywhere, and we saw two cowfish, stingrays, beautiful black trigger fish with electric blue stripes on their back around all their fins.  I also saw a very very small fish with these electric blue spots.  It was amazing!pic 2

Jay Laura and Pat went scuba diving and saw a shark , I’m kinda jealous about that.  Scuba diving scares me though, so I don’t really want to do that.  But I love snorkeling and I see so many cool things!

pic 3.jpg

My favorite part of the trip so far, is Puerto Rico.  I loved Mona Island, it was amazing.  I wish we could have stayed another night.  We also got to go to food booths in Ponce, which were so neat and full of interesting things, including a santa!  I tried a new thing, octopus, and it was kinda chewy, but the flavor was pretty good.

My worst part of the trip so far, was the passage from the Bahamas to Turks and Caicos.  It seemed like everything broke.  Jay got seasick and we ate so much curry that it feels ruined for me now.“>Video of Isla de Mona


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