Ponce – Puerto Rico

ponce harbor.jpgI’ve been pretty quiet the last couple weeks, not because I was sailing the far seas and seeing exotic places, but because I was driving a rental car all over Puerto Rico running errands.  That’s not to say that Puerto Rico doesn’t count as an exotic place, because in my book, it definitely does!  But when the water is the gross stuff that surrounds most marinas – so you’re not swimming, and when the biggest entertainment is a chance to go see the new Star Wars movie… it just doesn’t seem like that interesting of material to blog about.

That being said, we did get a TON of things done while we were in Ponce, with a rental car.  We stayed at a marina, where we were able to have unlimited electricity.  We needed this so that Jay could get out his sail rite sewing machine and do some HUGE repairs on the boat main sail.  In order to protect it until we get a new one, we needed to apply some sticky stuff to it and sew that in on the seam.  Jay and Lara did most of this work – and the marina kindly let us use their big ballroom, which had electricity and a large floorspace for setting out the sail.

T20151215_095241.jpghe electricity also allowed Jay to finish sewing our hatch covers, and even better… make us a dodger!  He 2/3 finished a new dodger for our boat, which we have already found makes for a much drier passage.  We’re greatly appreciating the dodger!

broken alternator.jpgWhile Jay and Laura were working hard on the boat in port… I was driving all over the island.  I took the broken water maker up to Fajardo and asked them to work on it before we arrived with the boat.  I went to Caguas multiple times for Costco runs and getting our alternators repaired.  I drove to Bayamon to buy this special foam we need for when we haul out the boat in St. Kitts.  In any case, a lot of the time was spent waiting for items to arrive to us.

christmas tree.jpgChristmas was also spent aboard the boat – with our little fabric tree made by Fiona and small gifts exchanged between everyone.  Fiona really enjoyed some gifts from Pat – who had left us to rejoin his family on arrival to Ponce.  He will really be missed, he was a wonderful addition to our crew and we have yet to find a replacement.

It was a really long two week stay.  The music from the vendors across the street was most often played loud.  But the people were so kind and helpful, everywhere we went.  The marina was so nice, I left a SIYC courtesy flag with them, and they reciprocated by giving me one of theirs.  There was a cool adventure with an egret too – I’ll write about that next.  Merry Late Christmas everyone!

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